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Valentines Recipes From Around The Globe.

It's the 14th of February, which means its Valentines day. For weeks shops have stocked up on all things pink and red, the adorable teddy bears, the chocolate and the overpriced bunches of roses. As I spend another year single I realised my one true love, other than travel... FOOD! I'm an absolute foodie, and I grew up eating some amazing dishes; My dad trained as a chef in France in his late teens and my mum is an amazing baker and cake maker. Therefore, today I decided to combine my love of food with the day of love and put together some of my favourite recipes. Whether you absolutely love Valentines, or think its another excuse for shops to make money, I have compiled 5 recipes you will want to try this Valentines day.

❤ #1 Romantic Raspberry Religieuse From France

Why not try a flirty and fruity spin on the French patisserie classic? With a fluffy vanilla cream, fresh berries and pretty pink icing, you could easily dazzle your valentines date, whether they be your S/O or your tummy, with this fun and fruity raspberry religieuse recipe. Perfect for a nibble while sat on the sofa watching movies, or the show stopper dessert after a romantic meal. Find the recipe HERE.

❤ #2 Sexy Strawberry Donuts From America

Almost everyone loves donuts, but most people haven't a clue how they're actually made. Originating in America, donuts are either deep fried or baked dough with toppings such as icing or flavoured sugar. This recipe is gorgeous... tangy pink strawberry icing, light and fluffy dough, golden and crisp on the outside... yum!!! Find the recipe HERE.

❤ #3 Chicken Milanese With Saucy Spaghetti From Italy

This is Jamie Oliver's delicious chicken milanese. The dish can be found at most of his restaurants across the UK and is a classic. It's simple and delicious, and you could always try the famous lady and the tramp scene with the spaghetti this valentines... if you're brave enough! The basil and the tomato make a gorgeous sauce and with the spaghetti its an all round winner. Find the recipe HERE.

❤ #4 Cheeky Cheese Fondue From Switzerland

If you're planning a get together this valentines with friends (#galentines) why not make a cheese fondue? Its yummy and theres bound to be something everyone likes! This savoyant cheese fondue by delicious magazine is a gorgeous recipe, with charcuterie, cornichons and lots of bread it's made to be shared! Find the recipe HERE.

❤ #5 Charming Crema Catalana From Spain/France

For those of you who don't know, there's a huge debate to as where the Crema Catalana originally came from. Northern Spaniards of the Catalan district claim to have created it first, while the French say their creme brulet came first. In my opinion, it doesn't matter because its amazing, and an amazing dish to serve your valentine this Feb 14th! Find the recipe HERE.