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London's Vegan.

This is just a quick 'n' speedy article about the amazing vegan cuisine London has to offer. I can guarantee even if you hate vegetables, you will love vegan food, there's something for everyone and hundreds of meat alternatives that are just like the real thing, except an animal isn't murdered for it. There's an art associated with it, and vegan cooking is possibly the most delicious, healthy and fine cooking you'll ever taste. We're pretty lucky in the UK, there are now hundreds of vegan restaurants up and down the nation. London is probably the best place to be a Vegan. With a wide selections of restaurants from Soho to Hampton, London has just about got herbivores covered.

Here are my 3 favourite vegan places to eat, when I'm there:

Hackney isnt the first place to cross your mind when you think Vegan or Dinner, but BlackCat is possibly the best value for money restaurant in london, and you wont find any stuck up west end couples there either! Here, you can find a whole range of both delicious and perfectly dressed kale, beetroot, pesto and quinoa salads. Although the interior may seem pretty standard and humble, the food is far superior to that and has an amazing price. For only £7 you can have a delicious lentil burger, and their extraordinary pastry bar definitely catches the eye.

Farmacy is a restaurant in Royal Oak. It's food makes it arguably the healthiest and most organic restaurant in the world. Their wide variety of meals and dishes offer delicious food that is free from most of the nasty things put in mainstream restaurant chains' meals, including dairy, refined sugars, meat, additives and chemical nasties that mess with our systems and balance. Their delicious chips prove that you don’t need animal fat to fry a sweet potato, and their puddings prove that sorbet is twenty times better than standard icecream, and that lemon cheesecake doesnt need cheese to be gormet.

Japanese food can be difficult to find if you're vegan, as most Japanese restaurants offer mainly animal based meals, i.e sushi. However, Itadaki Zen proves that Japanese Vegan food does exist, even if it was the first restaurant of its kind in Europe. They are a huge fan of using their food for well being and health, and base their whole ideology around 'food medicine'. Their website says "For thousands of years the medicinal value of plants and food (food as medicine) has been appreciated in Far Eastern tradition.What you eat not only affects your day-to-day health but also helps to determine the quality of your life.Moreover the Itadaki-zener believes that food is closely related to human consciousness as well as human body.

Itadaki means ‘to take the food life’; Zen means ‘to fix, to mend’. The primary end of the Itadaki-zen cuisine is not merely an agreeable taste, but its healing qualities."

As you can see, there are loads of options for vegans in London, and there are 100s more on trip adviser you can flick through and choose from.