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That's right, I am back and trust me, it's about to get real... BIG TIME.

For a little while my Instagram, Facebook and of course the website have been pretty dead.

I haven't posted much, well next to nothing actually and I've been really inactive. Nothing has been worked on, which is why things haven't been updated and the website has become 'laggy' as I havent been checking for bugs or corrupted code like I normally do. I've been through a lot recently, GCSEs, revision, illness, stress and home life, which is why I've been on the down low, and I've come out of the other side better for it and I am glad I took a break from social media.

There were a few rumours going around that I'd reached my peak at a few thousand followers and given up, simply waiting for the blog data to corrupt and be taken down, letting sponsors walk away from deals and give up on travel. I honestly have no idea where those rumours came from because that couldn't be more wrong.

My break was indeed a break, and I am back and the blog is better than ever! You aren't getting rid of me that easily I am afraid! I've spent time working on my brand, marketing, deals, even colour schemes, copyrighting and also a few little trips and destinations. I've used my time away from social media wisely. I've been to quite a few places in my time away, I've gained a lot of experiences, and have a lot to write about and a lot of pictures to post, some of which are extraordinary.

I really hope you all enjoy what I have planned over the next few weeks, because I am absolutely buzzing!

Watch this space,

~L xo